Fasting Guide for the 21-Day Congregational Fast of ACOG

Posted: 2/3/2017

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey?

As a church, the Apostolic Church of God has been praying together, studying the Word together, and serving together for years. Now we will fast together. Our pastor, Dr. Brazier, has called for ACOG's first congregational prayer, 21 days of consecration that will take place February 8-28, 2017.

The church has developed a guide to help you understand why we are fasting, the objectives of our fast, how to prepare to fast, and the various ways you can fast.
In addition to the guide, the church will provide a couple of great resources, including a prayer line and a website you can visit for support and encouragement. It is our prayer that you be strengthened and empowered in every way as you join us on this 21-day spiritual journey.

Click the 21 Day Fasting Guide, under the Latest News on the sidebar, to download the document.

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