Church History


In the Beginning...

In 1931, Elder Walter M. Clemons felt the call to start a new church. So, he rented the space on the third floor of a building at 8 West 57th St., and on Sunday, January 17, 1932, the Apostolic Church of God (ACOG) became a reality. The church's membership began to grow under the young minister's pastorate, and the church moved to 6344 South Kimbark Avenue in 1952.

A Time for Change...

Elder Clemons died in April 1959, but the congregation continued under the pastorate of Elder Ahart Medders, assisted by Elder Robert McGee Sr. Around the same time, another church, the Universal Church of Christ led by Reverend Arthur M. Brazier, held services in the same location as ACOG. Elder Medders did not remain pastor for long, and ACOG soon found itself again without a shepherd. Then, in 1960, assistant pastor Robert McGee Sr. and Deacon Gerald Nuckolls Sr. asked Reverend Brazier if he would consider becoming the pastor of ACOG. Reverend Brazier accepted, bringing along his congregation. The two churches merged, bringing a total active membership to approximately 100 parishioners. Following is a timeline of the growth thereafter:

Kenwood Sanctuary

1977-The congregation of 500 members raised enough money to build a new church edifice at 63rd & Kenwood Avenue, and the church began to grow rapidly.
1983-As a result of the tremendous growth of the church membership, Apostolic Church of God expanded its existing church edifice.


Dorchester Sanctuary

1992-Apostolic Church of God expanded again, building a 3000-seat sanctuary and adding classrooms, offices, and television control facilities at 63rd & Dorchester Avenue.


Banquet Hall

1998-The congregation completed the construction of yet another expansion, adding a 37,000 square-foot wing onto the church, including a state-of-the-art banquet hall and a second floor of meeting rooms for classes and programming activities.

Family Center

2007-The Youth and Family Center opened in October, adding much needed space for youth and family-oriented ministry activities. The Center includes a gymnasium that features a regulation-sized basketball court, a recreation room that features ping pong and pool tables, a nursery for the toddler ministry, a music room where musicians and the Youth Orchestra practice, a dance studio, and several meeting spaces.

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