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First Lady Mary Brazier

First Lady Mary Brazier spent her formative years in New York City, where she attended Manhattan Christian Reformed Church. She states it was Reverend Tony Van Zanten who mentored her and taught her that she could do all things through Christ. After graduating from the High School of Music and Art, Lady Brazier relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she attended Reform Bible College. She later became a member of Bethel Pentecostal Church, where Elder William Abney was the pastor. Lady Brazier often states she will continue to be grateful for the late Suffragan Bishop William Abney, who was not only her pastor but her spiritual father during her early years of Christian growth. It was Elder Abney who encouraged her to marry her charming husband, Dr. Byron Brazier. While at Bethel Pentecostal Church, Lady Brazier was baptized and received the Holy Spirit and has been in the army of the Lord ever since.
Our First Lady is an ordained minister in her own right who was called at an early age to preach the word of God. It was only after a brief "Jonah" experience in 2005 and a nudge from the Holy Spirit that she accepted her call and enrolled in the Systematic Ministry Process, a minister training program at the Apostolic Church of God. In 2006 Evangelist Mary Brazier matriculated at McCormick Theological Seminary where she received a Master of Theological Studies degree.
Evangelist Mary Brazier, a humble servant of God, is a prolific speaker for the Kingdom of God. As a keynote speaker, she has spoken to numerous groups at the Apostolic Church of God as well as to churches in urban Chicago. She has also taken the Word of God to churches in the suburbs of Chicago. Her response to the call of God is "I will go where He sends me."
Although God has blessed our First Lady with many gifts as a professional at IBM and as a real estate broker, earning her awards and commendations for outstanding achievement, Lady Mary states that no award is greater than the reward of God's grace and mercy, and the love and affection of her husband, family, and friends.

Lady Mary says she is blessed to have her wonderful husband of thirty-six years by her side in parenting their two adult children, April and Byron II, and impacting the lives of their five grandchildren: Dante, Shante, Breyana, Jemari, and Mariyah. She is thankful for the love and support of her church family and for the covering her loving husband provides her as pastor. Her desire is to humbly serve the Lord and prayerfully and faithfully stand by Dr. Brazier's side in support of the ministry the Lord has laid to his charge.


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